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Today’s news you might’ve missed:

  • A paraphrase of President Obama on Kanye West: Yep, still a jackass. Talented guy, though. [The Atlantic]
  • Refusing to leave the sanctity of our memories alone, Sony just might be giving “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch” a “superhero movie makeover,” complete with an origin story akin to “Spider-Man.” [Deadline]
  • Adam Levine has called Jennifer Love Hewitt’s on-camera flirtation with him “very flattering,” and “very sweet.” Do we smell a love connection? Oh, no — that’s just Hewitt’s McCormick’s vanilla extract perfume. [Access Hollywood]
  • Seven new images from “The Dark Knight Rises,” including one of Tom Hardy as Bane titled, “Shake it Like A Polaroid Picture.” You’re welcome. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Sorry, kids/adults who frequently reminisce about the ’90s: That 98 Degrees reunion was nothing more than a nostalgic fever dream. Nick Lachey says it’s not happening. Way to tear…

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